Life Purpose List

So I’m reading’s in revealing life’s purpose while listening to Sarah Vaughan (Good God She’s GOOD!). I have been thinking about my life’s purpose the website lists 15 things to question yourself to do this.

So here are my answers:

1. What gives me energy?

Activities that align with your purpose will energize you. On the other hand, activities that don’t resonate with your essence will drain you. Be aware and use your energy level as a guide.

What usually gives me energy is when:

a. I play music depending on my mood I’ll play the keyboards, or ukulele, or guitar, or sing, or sing while playing, or sometimes a mix of these things.  

b. Travel or just exploring things around the corner.  Or going through unconventional routes.  

c. When I discover another way to visualize data <- GEEK ALERT!

d. I draw stuffs.

e. Gardening

f. Writing gives me energy sometimes.

g. Smiling


2. What excites me?

This is a better question than the lukewarm “What am I passionate about?” Excitement is easily discernible for anyone. And the funny thing is that you find out what you’re passionate about simply by being mindful of what excites you.

“The question you should be asking isn’t, “What do I want?” or “What are my goals?” but “What would excite me?” – Tim Ferriss

What excites me :

a. Music

b. Drawing

c. Travel

d. Minimalism

e. Tiny Houses

f. Gardening

g. Meditation

h. Women’s Wrestling


3. What kind of ideas come to me in the shower?

The shower is probably the most relaxing part of your day-to-day life. Inspiration strikes when you’re relaxed, as that’s when you’re most receptive. So be aware of what kind of inspiration comes to you while you’re gettin’ so fresh and so clean.

a. Usually stupid ideas such as elaborate pranks to pull off on my friends or some stupid sayings or quotes that just mean stupid and I mean stupid things.

b. Unconventional projects or ideas for video shoots.

c. Things that I’m thankful for.

d. The state of Women’s Wrestling. 

e. Bankai and Shikai transformations (see Bleach manga/anime)

f. Solutions to analysing client’s data <- see GEEK! 


4. What kind of things do people always ask me about?

What kind of advice do others seek from you? This is indicative of the value you can potentially provide to the world at large.

a. People ask me for Statistical Analysis assistance.

b. My friends ask me for travel advice and venting out their frustrations in their lives.

c. Sometimes people would ask me things about music such as singing (?), or making music (?).


5. What kind of conversations do I have with those closest to me?

What subject matter do you immerse yourself in with loved ones? What information do you share with the people you care about most? What do you talk about when you’re being your true self?

a. Food, I know lot’s of Food (Jodi Ettenburg of

b. My friends ask me for travel advice and venting out their frustrations in their lives.

c. Random facts or ideas that I have at the moment.


6. What do I do with my free time?

Actions dictate where priorities lie.

a. Food

b. Music

c. Women’s Wrestling

d. Statistics geeky stuffs

e. Gardening

f. Walking or Traveling

g. Pokemon

h. Meditation

i. Tiny Houses and Minimalism



7. What topics do I regularly read about?

An obvious way to shine light on your biggest interests.

a. Food

b. Music

c. Women’s Wrestling

d. Statistics geeky stuffs

e. Gardening

f. Walking or Traveling

g. Pokemon

h. Meditation

i. Tiny Houses and Minimalism


8. What recurring dreams do I have?

The themes of your dreams will reveal a lot about your subconscious. Search the meaning of dreams to get a better grasp on the esoteric wisdom being conveyed.

a. Usually in school with past classmates and teachers from highschool and some friends.

b. Sometimes flying around the world being very light.

c. Hiding from zombies or monsters.


9. During which experiences in my life have I felt the most alive?

A different spin on following your excitement.

a. Drawing

b. Music

c. Traveling

d. Random things about life


10. What unique interests, or abilities, did I have as a young child?

If you’re memory is fuzzy, ask your parents for more clarity. This question will reveal a lot about your inherent abilities and your interests prior to societal conditioning.

a. Drawing

b. Imagining different worlds

c. Singing

d. Recreating stories with my own interpretation

e. Watching travel shows

f. Watching animals

g. Imagining a life centered around portable tiny houses and traveling


11. What would I be doing if money were no object?

a. Travel

b. Do videos about travel and lives of people around the world

c. Singing and performing cover songs with at twist or some original material

d. Recreating stories with my own interpretation

e. Build a tiny house on wheels and travel!


12. What would I be doing if I absolutely, 100%, did not care about what other people think?

Like the question about money, it’s important to ask yourself what you would be doing if there were no limitations. If you were completely free, what would you do?

a. Travel

b. Do videos about travel and lives of people around the world

c. Singing and performing cover songs with at twist or some original material

d. Recreating stories with my own interpretation

e. Build a tiny house on wheels and travel!


13. What is on my bucket list?

What is most important to you? What things, when achieved, will create that deep sense of fulfillment within you? These will most certainly guide you toward your purpose.

a. Travel

b. Do videos about travel and lives of people around the world

c. Singing and performing cover songs with at twist or some original material

d. Recreating stories with my own interpretation

e. Build a tiny house on wheels and travel!

f. Live in Japan


14. What topics can I blend together to create my own unique niche?

How can you commix multiple subjects to create your own unique mosaic of life? A great example that James Altucher used was someone who loves both basketball and statistics. If they don’t make it to the NBA (which will be the vast majority of people), they can blend their interests of basketball and statistics to create their own unique amalgamation of mastery.

a. Travel, making videos, fun surveys all over the world, and singing with strangers


15. If I were to write a short (1-2 sentence) “About Me”, describing the ideal version of myself, what would it be?

I am Alvin, I travel the world, shoot videos of people and places, performing songs at the streets or with strangers, asking random surveys statistically analyze and present them on my website.  When I’m not traveling I live in either Kyoto, Japan or in Dumaguete or Iloilo, Philippines on a tiny house with wheels so I can still travel.


Chopin and Powerbombs

Imaginary Friend:Since when did you start playing Chopin?
Alvin: Just an hour ago.

naks lumu-“Lucy”

I have ADHD hands. My hands are almost never idle and if they do they put on wrestling matches. My favorite moves are DDTs (jumping, spike, leg-trap, cradle, brain busters, regular), Neckbreakers (spinning, regular and hangman’s), Reverse Slam, Moonsaults, Splash, Samoan Drops, Leg Drops, Variations of Hurricarana (regular, elevated), Head Scissors Take Downs, Kicking Variations (super kicks, bicycle kicks, spinning wheel kicks, drop kicks, missile drop kicks, leg lariats), Facebuster (chicken wing, sit-out, kneeling), Sit-out Powerbombs, Kudo Drivers, Pile Drivers that still looked like Power Bombs (tombstone),and Sunset Flips.

This is why I developed a love for computers. These hands would have a field day in just typing things like these. I developed addiction because of these hands. The very nostalgic Super Mario Brothers, Street Fighter, to Ragnarok Online, DoTA, and League of Legends. You know these hands are always itching to press or hold something. Errr….that sounded so wrong.

Before the advent of PCs, I would play with action figures from Dragonball Z and Street Fighter. I’d put on a mash up between them and recreate scenes from Ghost Fighter (lol…wut?). I wanted to be a director for anime as a kid. Coming up with names and moves for different characters became a pass time.

Then in my first year of high school, I developed a fascination for music thanks to Ms. Unica now Mrs. Elpusan. She showed us a model of a piano and the corresponding notes for the keys. I’d memorize the piano keys and draw them on long bond papers and practice in secrecy. Of course no sound was coming out of them. Just what I needed.

The next three years were of me being shy, awkward, and doing the robot dance albeit unintentionally. Mother bought me a guitar in the summer of 2002 and I would practice it for hours like a madman. I never left it out of my sight. I’d play along with songs from the radio and saved allowance just to buy a 50 PHP Songbook each month.

College came and my fascination for music became stronger. Doing well in school unintentionally pushed Mother to buy an electronic piano. So the dream of playing the piano became a reality. Again I’d practice like a madman. I had to remember how to read notes based on Mrs. Elpusan’s diagram and Ms. Olbe’s sharps (Go-Down-And-Eat-Big-Fish-Carlos) and flats (Fat-Boys-Eat Apples-During-Good-Climate), and the accidentals. It was a very interesting experience in learning everything by yourself.

From there I began playing Moonlight Sonata and Fur Elise because…ehhh…they seem to be really high class and stuffs. Then later began playing Evanescence songs because I find their music really relaxing and romantic to play on the piano.

Figure 1. Intro of Good Enough by Evanescence

Figure 2. Fur Elise

Fast forward to Typhoon Frank. The piano was destroyed. No big deal. But in the back of my head every time I watch people on youtube playing the piano you can’t help but play along with your hands.

Fast forward again seven years later. I bought one and started playing it. It still would consume most of my time as I had to get familiar with it again and it is very addicting. There were some songs that I played in the past that just naturally came out. So yay for muscle memory or that other thing I don’t know.

Anyway, why Chopin? Chopin’s Nocturne in C#minor is one of the most haunting pieces I have ever heard. It could break your heart after five measures. That’s how big of an impact it has on me. Of course the keys in the piano now can’t play the whole song but it doesn’t matter.

Anyway, why Lucy? Lucy from the movie Lucy. They say humans only use 10% of their brain. Lucy started writing Chinese an hour after she got back at her friend’s house.

Am I similar to Lucy? Heck, no! Well not yet anyway….lolz…

Why am I writing this? It’s because what Lucy did is possible. You don’t need to get kidnapped by a Gang and have some drugs put inside your stomach and transport them to a place and then suddenly through an accident the drugs started leaking inside your stomach. If it is all that then we just have to take that drug and then we’ll become geniuses. That doesn’t work that way.

Everything comes from grit and the ability to concentrate on things you love doing. It took hours and days of constant practice to be good at something. But that’s just my opinion.

Figure 3. Chopin well sort of…

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Rubber Time and Myanmar

Time is linear as what we have been taught.  Time is money.  You can’t get back the time spent on something that should have been spent on doing better things and all that drama.

And then there’s this concept of “Rubber Time”.  In Bali, Indonesia they call this jam karet.  The Balinese just go with the flow and are very easy going.  To most people I know, this would be very nerve racking. Einstein had a comparison to this concept.  He said that if you’re with your crush, time seems to quicken.  But if you’re with someone whom you don’t like it seems like forever.

I had experiences that three seconds seems to be a very long time. (Hint: If you’re a DoTA or LoL player you also feel this. Stun -> Blast -> Slow -> Ulti)

I spent a week in Myanmar to attend a Forum.  The week felt like months and years for me.  Especially because the people whom I was with were all treating me like family.  It was as if we have been friends for a very long time but in truth we just met each other.

It was one of those moments where you feel that time stretched so far.  It was that or maybe it was the fact that I’m in another time zone.  But whatever it was I really enjoyed the camaraderie and friendship that was there.



More than just photos to remember those moments.  Memories that seemed only yesterday has gone by.  If time is consciousness, would it mean that there is no time at all?  We still have watches. We still have deadlines.  We still have to beat the clock to somewhere to achieve something before this imaginary race stops.  What is it? Or maybe it’s all in our heads.  I don’t know.

I have been staring at the sky while in front of my window as I write this and ponder.

If enjoyment means watching the sun rise and fall.  Will I also feel the same when I stare at a pig?  At a pile of mud? The clock still ticks and that’s all there is to it.  Usually I don’t get to track time that much now that I don’t know the difference between the days of the week or the difference of Wednesday and Saturday for example.

Myanmar for me is the land of golden memories.  In the middle of the dark you still see those memories so vividly shining.  Or maybe “nabitin” lang ako?  Still I have to thank all the people whom I shared those memories there.  Thank you very much!  I won’t mention all your names here but you’re all the reason why my Facebook Home Page became International.  To visit Facebook and see different languages  and beliefs in one home page makes me realise that no matter what culture we have, we still have the same concerns and dreams.  There was this one guy whom I met the first day that treated me to beer and their own version of stewed vegetables in one of the restaurant there.  I didn’t get to repay him back but hopefully I can when I get back there.

So where does rubber time go with this?  I theorise that the concept of time fades away when you’re enjoying yourself alone or sharing moments with others.  Artists and people who are concentrating on what they’re doing know this very well.

What about you? What makes you forget about time?

No, you’re Crazy! No, I am! Wait wut?

I always base decision on what’s fun rather than it being logical. It’s kind of an irony on having a highly left brained source of income.


In a sea of people sometimes there are those:

1. who try to be different;
2. who wants to be different;
3. who doesn’t care if they’re different;
4. who doesn’t know they’re different.

I have been all of them but in reverse order. You see back then as a kid I didn’t know I was different. Yeah, sure people would often tell me I’m weird but I felt just like everyone else. I even tried to do with things they liked just to prove to them I’m not. Then it got to the point where I realized I was weird. Great, I’m weird what now? I started preferring alternatives to mainstream choices. Music was one of them. The preferences ranged from Beethovens, Mozarts, Bach to Slayer, Dir En Grey, Psyopus to John Cage, Bjork, and Giacinto Scelsi to the Ragas of the East it was a smorgasbord of sounds and it felt so good! As years went by, Heavy and Death Metal was removed because I would often go into fever while listening to it (This is based on a real life experience).

And then I discovered online jobs. I was never disgruntled with employment but was gravitating to working in the comforts of your own choosing from your house, your friends’ house, airport terminals, bus terminals (more on these later), to malls, to mountains, etc… It felt like a liberating idea. I even submitted an essay to our Business Management Professor my preference of working online and not seeing clients face to face. It’s like drug dealing transactions or red tapes but without the illegality.

I worked in an office for around five years and then decided to quit. Luckily four other officemates were on their way out too. So it was like a mini exodus of some sort. To be honest there was no ill feeling towards the company. I felt that it was fun to try out other stuffs too. Although I’d have bouts of panic before handing out the resignation letter. But still I did.

Years went by and mountains, rivers, lakes,and oceans scaled (yes these were all true). Everything felt too real. The freedom became a part of my normal routine along with loads of procrastination (I call this the procrastination routine). Jobs came and went like one night stands. I realized that everything that was happening was written in that essay I did years ago in school. It made me think about success. According to google it is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. So there it was success!

So where do we go from here? I don’t know. Part of me wants to settle in the mountains of Leon. Part of me wants to live in Japan because you know Japan is love. And then there’s part of me that doesn’t know what to do.

I don’t know really. I tried and wanted to be different because I wanted to get noticed in the past. But then I realized that I was different and didn’t cared about what people would say. And then I came into a point where I didn’t even know I was different unless people would point that to me. How’s that possible? Must be the last two years of procrastination routines and solitary days wandering to God knows where and how I got there. The thing is, everything becomes normal once you instinctively revolve your routine around that (or whatever is that).

A typical conversation from friends, family, and acquaintances:

Conversation 1:

FFA: “Where are you now?”
Alvin: “Right here with you.” (naks)
FFA: “I mean, where do you work?”
Alvin: “At home.”
FFA: “Ah, so you’re unemployed. It’s a waste of your potential not working. You can be a teacher or work in the government”
Alvin: *in my head*….”LOLZ!”
FFA: “Ok see you I have to go to a meeting.”
Alvin: “Bye-bye”

Conversation 2:

FFA: “Your life is good compared to most of us here, you get to go wherever you want.”
Alvin: *In my head* “But I chose to be here with you.” (naks)
FFA: “You must be rich now.”
Alvin: *still in my head* “LOLZ!”

You see, I promised myself not to work in the confines of the office ever again unless I liked the office or it is mine (*insert evil grin*). Not because I hated employment but because it was not fun to do anymore. Maybe I’ll go back and maybe not. I compare this to playing DoTA and League of Legends. It was fun at the start and then you get tired of its repetitiveness.

No, this isn’t a speech about quitting your job and pursuing your dreams. I just enjoy pursuing alternatives to what life has to offer. It might not cater to your own consciousness now or maybe ever and I respect that. I talked to a friend about pursuing other things and she said that she was too old to let everything go. The way she said it and the look in her face said, “Don’t lecture me on what to do because when you get at my age you will feel this way too.” The only way to find out is to reach her age and then let’s see from there.

Sometimes we are so used to something that it becomes normal to us.

an excuse to put a picture of a school playground here…or is it?


Lost in Translation – The Bath House, Beers, and Peanuts

Making an impression

Making an impression

It was 4 o’clock in the afternoon.  I set off on a walking spree. Looking at a paper of a bad yet compassionately drawn map to the Onsen. It was like every turn were just weird signs.  And if I ask directions, will we understand each other?  Will I even get there?


The only thing I can read was the letter “P” and “1000” and “500”.

I was walking aimlessly asking people in my wanna-be Japanese “Onsen wa doku desu ka?”  pointing to the map I was given.

I was having conversations in my mind.

“Hey, they really think I can speak Japanese, COOL!” And then I realized ….

“Yes! They are speaking to me in Japanese! SHIT! I can’t understand them! Just nod, smile and look at the direction they are pointing.”

Being the random guy that I am.  I immediately went to the direction people I asked were pointing.  I still didn’t know where it is and if I would be able to see it.


Nope this is not the Onsen.

I saw some old men who were just standing around in the house at the photo above.  As by custom I asked them where the Onsen was.  By some stroke of good luck one of the old guys decided to go the Onsen.  So he and I were going to the Onsen!  Just the perfect scenario.

And then strange questions were hovering over my mind.

“Will we actually go there?”

Why did he bring a bike?”

“Why is he not riding his bike?”

“Is this guy a part of the Yakuza where they abduct people and then he will just leave me to them and then go home using his bike while counting money?”

“Will I be able to go back to my home country?”

He was talking to me in broken Enggrisshhh.  His name was Suichiro I think.


And so we really got to the Onsen.   No pictures were taken there because of my respect to their culture and to censure the scenery you are supposed to not see. It was just a simple Onsen with boiling hot tub and a bunch of naked old people. They were nice enough to teach me how to clean myself the Japanese way in which I now practice from time to time. After the bath, Suichiro and the owner of the Onsen started talking to each other as I was just fixing my things.   I saw some canned drinks and thought it was iced tea in a can because….errrrr…..because…..I thought it was iced tea.


The iced tea…or so I thought

To be honest I really didn’t have the slightest idea why I never tried to read the labels.  Must be thirst or must be my confusion. So I bought one and gulp it in a few shots.  The two old men were busy talking and I was just listening.  Then, I felt happy and energetic.  Must be the drink.  I began to talk to them in Enggrrishh of course.  We didn’t really understand each other so we just kept on laughing everytime one of us speaks.

The conversation went like this:

Me: “Japayuki!”

Old Men: “Japayuki!”

All three of us: “HAHAHAHAHAHA!”

Me: “I look like that criminal at the board!”

Old Men: “Japayuki!”

All three of us: “HAHAHAHAHAHA!”

Suichiro gave me another drink.  So I thought yeah we’re on the same page. Still the conversations never stopped.  The drinks came in courtesy now of the owner of the Onsen coupled with peanuts from China. They told me that when I come back I must be able to speak and understand Japanese.  And I said yes!  That’s why I’m studying it now. Suichiro and I left the Onsen all drunk while walking.  We parted ways when we got to his house and then he showed me the way back to the place I was staying.

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 7.29.00 PM