this is life

I have always felt that I was not cut out to be an employee. So I mustered up the will to quit my job just a day ago and here I am, unemployed yet unafraid. I got ZERO savings and will be traveling to Cebu for the nth time again two days from now. In the words of WASAK, “POOOSSSSAAAHHH GID NEH!”

I don’t always have the right decisions but I’ll stick to them to the death. Yes, my decision to quit started with pride but as I looked at it, I realized that this was one of the best things I did. Sure, I’ll miss going to the office and doing crazy stuffs with my office mates but I have to move on.

I have been reading travel blogs for the past year and I was inspired by their life style. Then, I started to dream about beaches with wifi connections. Blue sky and the sound of the waves me sipping tea in a cottage while working on my laptop. Me sitting down at a coffee shop in Dumaguete with my trusty laptop. While occasionally thinking out loud, “oh yeah this is the life.”

Guess we have to start from somewhere so here I go. No regrets. Eto na ‘to!

Wondering and wandering we went…now on separate yet similar roads…HAHA! CHEERS TO THAT!


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