Why fear? victory is near, stand up and fight

Nothing else matters it’s just you and your instrument.  Where your hands become your feet.  Every note played is paving a road to this strange new world.  Where your ears become your eyes.  Every color a different sound. So alone yet unafraid of what lies ahead.

Something unstoppable,like a force so vicious yet no sense that it can ever do damage. There’s nothing more ever precious when you’re in that moment.  You and your world.  Nothing impregnable, where reality is coming to it’s own in every step you make.  You are God personified creating your own universe.  

Yet you don’t stop to admire what you have done.  No, it would mean cataclysm and your world would end that very moment you stop.  And when that last step has been made you don’t look back.  Like a conqueror but not quite it.  You don’t stop.  You don’t conquer you just wander and savoring every step you make like it was your last but it is never your last.  Like a river, you can’t step on that similar road again.  

What is it with life? What is it with color? Or what is it with sound? Are all these manifestations of what we long for?  Unending wandering, wondering. When will we stop? Is it safe to stop? Is it ever enough?  Evolution, something reachable.  It’s right in our hands.  We don’t move until we see it.  Yet it would be detrimental to be on inertia.

Like a fire that sparks our hearts.  That ever same flame that tells us that we’re alive.  That refreshing breeze that pushes us forward to the unknown.  That sniveling river that is just silent and gentle as it caresses whatever gets in it’s way.  And with that ever sustaining Earth where we are assured of safety.  With the sun in our backs we know not of that name they call fear.

Why stop now?  Why admire? Why look back? Why now?  Why not? You don’t, you dare not, they may tell you otherwise, they may call you ungrateful.   But you, unapologetic, stoic, unobstructed, like an arrow with the target in sight. Victory is near! As with many victories you had.   You play your song.  And like every song you dare not play it the same way.


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