Can you say wanderlust?


And yes I am saying this inside a word processor but who cares anyway.   Just got this idea in my head now it’s on a word processor neat!  Sorry for being redundant I’ll work on that.  I just realized that this is not a passion or anything.  It’s just me wanting to get out of my comfort zone and just jump right in into something that I fairly have an idea of.  I’m travelling again.  Hopefully alone but friends and would be friends are always and will be welcomed with open arms and an open can of tuna in my hand preferably there are some tuna left in the can.

I’m listing the places that I will go.  Yes I will go there and the duration to finish all of these is TWO YEARS!  I know this is something big but this time I’m going to these destinations one way or the other and another!  So here they are in no particular order.


This is what I wanted to do when I was a kid. It’s every anime lover’s dream.  Technology and culture in all its glory lived in this really cool place.  I’m not concerned with catastrophes so yeah I’m going there.  Anywhere and everywhere I’m spending two months there! While I’m there I want to learn Archery as I am enamored by its elegance and simplicity.  I also want to learn the shamisen. Zen mode in a Zen Garden,  witnessing tea ceremonies, drinking sake, go samurai, go banzai, meditate and pray on temples, watch traditional festivities, buy a robot (ASIMO comes to mind), cherry blossoms (‘nuff said), there are lots of stuffs that I want to do when I go there.  So yeah I’m going there!

Credits to wikipedia for the following photos below.

I want to play this!

Japanese Archery or Kyudo as they call it.


The frozen tundra of the west this is literally and figuratively a really cool place to go!  I’m a huge fan of a girl group called m2m and they were one of the reasons why I took up the guts to learn the guitar and keyboard.  I want to meet Marit Larsen (one half of m2m and now a solo grammy award winner) she’s one reason I want to go there.  And I have this impression that Norwegians are very nice people and I would love to get to know the place as I love snow.

Credits to

This is Marit Larsen.


I always have this image of me looking at the Eifel Tower while sipping tea in a local café with my trusty netbook while working online and yeah this is the life.  Paris is one of those old cities that just reeks oldies and it’s a good thing.  I was inspired by Midnight in Paris to really visit the place.  I’m a huge fan of the late 1800s and early 1900s and Paris is one of those places that just have this feel to it.


France is separated from this because it’s that special.  Europe in itself is a country in my book.  So Europe it is!


I visited the place once and I am visiting it again only this time I stay for one week tops.  This is one of the most beautiful places in the world and I’m taking all of it! HAHA!


Nothing I’m just going here to experience the place.  It has a nice ring to it. I felt I was missing something here. I remembered that I wanted to go to this place for the Moriones Festival. NICE!

Credits to


I am Ilonggo by Heart but Cebuano by Soul.  Lami jud kaayo maglakaw sa Cebu.   And I just can’t get enough of this place.  OSLOB, DALAGUETE (I love this place), and many more places.  I just keep comin’ back to Cebu!


A lot of my friends tell me that this is really a good place.  So yeah I’m going here too!

I still have more places to visit so I’ll be adding them when it comes to mind.


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