And it has been a month after my resignation retirement from my cubicle life.  And I have come to terms with my new and crazy lifestyle.

Some random things I realized that I should have realized when I was at my cubicle.

1. You become addicted to Computer Games (AGAIN).

Just when you thought it had gone away. But noo! it’s there! This is a guilty pleasure of mine.  I came back where I started before I even got my first job.  A pokemon trainer, haha! Now that’s a laugh.  I didn’t have anything to other than do household chores once in a while.  I’m a sucker for vintage games.  Battle Realms anyone?

2. The inevitable “Daw katawhay lang ya sang pangabuhi mo ya aw”-statement is a compliment.

Translation: “It seems that your taking on life so easy” or something like that.

Everywhere I go I hear this line.  It’s kind of funny because I don’t know if they’re envious of me or they pity me because I don’t have a source of income (:-P).  But I often take it as a compliment.  I’m a narcissist inside.

3. Taking on a new hobby or just having more time to pursue your hobby is quite difficult

Yes it is. Especially when you’re addicted to playing computer games (see #1).

4. You download and watch whole seasons of sitcoms, animes, and movies parallel to playing computer games.

It’s doable. Really.  It’s either you wait for your downloads to finish while you play or you play while watching. Either way it seems pretty cool.

5. You get to day dream less.

Yes, less! Why dream when you can just play computer games eh.  Actually you get so much free time that it’s not free time anymore.

6. You lurk on facebook liking status updates, sayings and quotes, uploaded pictures, videos, etc. WHILE watching/downloading videos AND playing computer games

Talk about multi tasking! hahaha! A friend once told me that “Multitasking is Diabolical”.  Yeah, I guess so…so Diablo 3 anyone?

7. You constantly check your emails for updates on your odesk job applications WHILE doing #1, 4, and 6

Now this is just plain crazy! Hahaha! And I’m doing it now as I write this.

8. You think differently now that you’ve gone out of the cubicle. 

A few months before I retired.  A random thing happened to me as I was passing by our accounting office.  I looked at the staff  in their cubicles and the cubicles would turn into a prison wall. A four-cornered prison wall, and I said to myself that I don’t want this.

Now that I’m out of the cubicle things just became so clear.  The deadline and paper works you were once cramming about were nothing more than something virtual it was there now it’s gone!hahaha!

I abhor paper works and legalities. Their importance doesn’t seem to make sense to me especially now that I’m out of the cubicle.

Legal Documents = inug gatong sa kalan (fuel for cooking fire).

8.You get to sleep early

First few weeks I got to sleep early.

9. You get to try out new Operating Systems

MAC OS X 10.5.7 is a pain in the ass for a newbie to maneuver around. This is now part of my online job. Haha!


Yes, it may still drive you nuts but it’s the only thing that is sane in the virtual world.

11. You get to appreciate and learn time zones.

It is FUN! Trust me.

12. You get to focus on some of your day dreams

Now that you get to day dream less means you get to act on some of the crazy things that you day dream about.

I’ved always wanted to go to travel to Siquijor alone (Finally a blog post for this!) .

And in fact I did.

These are just some random things that I thought about for sometime.




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