:-) 2

Second Month…
1. Computer Game/s Addiction subsided

Yeeeees! Procrastination and facebook lurking is set to minimum value.

2. Eye Bags(Bugs?)!

Sleep Deprivation for holistic evolution hahaha!

3. New random thought patterns emerge


It takes a lot to really piss me off.  Susan Roces pissed me off tonight.

Unlimited Rice availability becomes a new standard for restaurant appreciation.

Difficulty distinguishing between Apathy and Tolerance.

Closing several/all bank accounts sounds really exciting!.

4. You get to discover new things that were not really new

Example: Instagram

5. Becoming addicted to Alarm Clocks, Stopwatches, and Timers

Learning to adjust body clock.

6. Neighbors start to wonder about your frequent “leave”from the office

They don’t have any idea.

7. Tuba > Beer and Whiskey


8. Old Office Uniforms -> Trapo

Contemplating on this.

9. Early Morning/Late Afternoon Walks are best experienced with earphones on

Especially plugging in Yoshida Bros = BANZAI!

10. 2% of Salary spent on Tuna Sashimi and Braised Pigeon

Tuna Sashimi is yummy!

Braised Pigeon = adobong pating

pating = dove?

11. It is hard to navigate around a Braised Pigeon

Unspeakable horrors lurk behind every nook and cranny!

Just because they look white and pure doesn’t mean they taste good when cooked.

Tamilok > Braised Pigeon

12. Everyday is Saturday except Saturday.

Distinguishing Mondays, Tuesdays, etc. becomes really difficult.

Like this one…

Got this one from a travel site and boy is this tempting!

Except Saturday…hehe…yeah Saturday…

13.  Torrents(Piratebay) and Youtube is suddenly added on your friends list.


14. There is no better teacher than experience!

Thank you very much teacher!


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