2012 (-_-)

2012 changed my life.

1. became more sports oriented (gym, tai chi yang style, Qigong and running)

Sweating does not only remove toxins but also some blockages in our system and even some inhibitions. At first I was hesitant to hit the gym but two of my friends were also interested so I mustered up the courage to do it anyway but it was just for a few months. And then I rediscovered Tai Chi (Yang Style) though I haven’t learned the last few movements yet.

A friendly monk from Cebu taught me basic Qigong. I have to say practicing Tai Chi and Qigong even for a few minutes would really make you sweat better than going to the gym. Two friends of mine said that weight lifting results to shortening of the muscles and could result to accidents that’s why I opted Tai Chi, Qigong and running than going to the gym. I don’t get to practice it now because I have yet to fix my body clock.  Haha! In due times…in due times.

I’m eager to learn BaguaZhang,  Seven Star Praying Mantis and Liuheibafa in the long run if the monks will hopefully teach us this! b  (^_^)  d

2. started trying a vegetarian lifestyle

I have this on and off relationship with this lifestyle. There were times when I get disgusted with meat especially processed meat and there were times where I ate like a pig. Currently I’m back on being a vegetarian/fruitarian/carbotarian(haha!) and hopefully for good this time.

Going vegetarian does wonders for the body as it makes the body and mind more “limber” and purer. In the words of a Cebuano businessman, “Don’t believe me…just try”.

3. became more outgoing and optimistic around people

In my younger years I was all emo and shit. As I got older all the angst and brooding were the tunnel that was directing me back to the light. We all have this dark brooding side. Embrace it if you can. It leads you to somewhere. Again…there is no darkness…it’s just a different shade representing light. the deeper you go from the void the brighter the light that’s waiting for you at the end. (insert something zen in here…nyahaha!)

4. travel more often now

I’m lucky to have friends that are travel junkies.
Most of my trips since the beginning of the year were very memorable.

I got to go to Manila alone and traverse the jungle called Makati. Those solitary times made me wiser and made me realized what I really wanted to do. And who would’ve thought that I’d travel to three different places in one week. Went to Cebu on a friday and then opted Roro to San Carlos, Negros on Sunday back to Iloilo and then Monday we went to Guimaras up to Wednesday. And then Saturday of the same week I went to Manila alone. Now this was some crazy travel. Dili pa ko bangag ka day-a man.

I frequently (monthly) travel to Cebu to take care of some personal business now. Usually I insert my travels between these times. From Cebu I’d opt to land trip from Cebu City to Toledo then to San Carlos to Bacolod to Dumangas to Iloilo. At one time I changed my route from Cebu City to Dalaguete to Sibulan to Dumaguete to Siquijor back to Dumaguete to Bacolod to Dumangas and back to Iloilo.

Another crazy consecutive trip I had was when me and a few friends went to Cagayan de Oro from Friday to Monday. We experienced white water rafting (part 2) and got to attend one of the most awesome and life changing convention/party/session there. We didn’t have airplane tickets back to Iloilo so we took the boat to Cebu and from there we go our usual route as mentioned in the last paragraph. We got back to Iloilo on a Wednesday morning.

And then Thursday came and I had another trip on board a plane to Palawan up to Monday the following week. It was a connecting flight from Cebu (again). Palawan was all that it was described and more! Though my mind was on something else because of the event that occured in CDO a few days ago. I tried to take my mind off of it. I really did try.

After Palawan, me and a few crazy friends of mine decided to stay in Cebu to explore its southern parts. And so began another trip (sigh). We went to Moalboal with sightings on the River Trekking attraction they have there but unfortunately it was closed. We spent the night exploring the town and slept on a room worth 500 PHP. The next day we opted to go to Mantalungon Falls in Barili. We took our bath in the falls. In the afternoon we went deeper south to Dalaguete to climb Osmeña Peak. Whew…and you think that was over we got stranded on our way back to the airport. Back to Iloilo on Thursday.

Then Sunday came. Another trip to Guimaras for a gathering/party with friends (these included the guys I went with exploring Palawan and Cebu). And then after the party I stayed in Guimaras to wait for another set of friends who were coming and we went to Montpiller. Whew…pusa na ta sa kapoy? haha!

5. became more active in the community


6. completely stopped watching horror movies

These things destroy the psyche and soul. And by refraining from watching them, it changed the way I think and feel about things. I get scared less (even none at all) and was more at peace. (insert some zen stuff here)

7. started learning the ukulele and relearning the guitar and violin

Ukuleles are portable. You can bring them almost anywhere. I got one when I went to Cebu (again). The feeling is different when you play music. No words would and could describe it.

8. started to write/type more

A professor of mine in UP told me that he appreciated the way I write essays and encouraged me to pursue it as a possible hobby and/or career. A few friends also told me these. Hahaha! You be the judge of that. Proofreading! Hirap pala nito!

9. started my new career as a newbie programmer/volunteer waiter

Three years ago I mentioned to my parents regarding working at home with an online job. I said that a friend of mine was doing it and he was well off with this kind of lifestyle. They said I was crazy.But it was my dream.

A few friends of mine at the start of the year were giving hints on career change and an independent lifestyle. I brushed them off but the frequent travels this year (solo and with friends) had made me realize what I really wanted to do. So I planned on quitting my job. At first it filled me with horror and then excitement. Some people told me I was crazy, a few told me it was going to be okay. I was going out of my mind. What if I’m wrong, what if I fail….but….when I got back from the crazy CDO, Palawan, Cebu, and Guimaras trip I decided to quit my job. I was burned out and tired of the monotony of life there and not to mention I really hate bureaucracy and the paper works and the hierarchy of power associated with them.  I’m not angry at my previous job it’s just that I just don’t fit in an office. Lab you still guys at JBLFMU!

Now here I am starting again. Thanks to a few friends and family that encouraged and supported this. I’m living out the dream I had from three years ago and I am loving every single bit of it. A newbie programmer haha! I’ved always wanted to design websites and apps. A good friend of mine recommended me to his online boss and I can never thank him enough for it. And if things don’t go out well…then…I’ll make them.

10. started to act on some things that I wanted to do

I was always the “nah forget it,I can’t do it”-type of guy. 2012 revitalized the way I see my life.

I’ved always loved RPG games so forgive me for giving this metaphor. Here I am now a level 1 Novice unarmed but ready to slay the Ouroboros(thank you HTML) inside me.

Whatever road I take I know this is going to be a lot of fun!


5 thoughts on “2012 (-_-)

  1. hello alvin!! wow! amu gid na mahambal ko!! nice to hear the 360 degrees changes in your life..career, perspective and attitudes towards life =) that made me more inspired to quite my job too! nah! joke lang.. to pursue more of my personal legend =) God bless vin in your endeavors!

  2. mhar….gaumpisa pa lang ta….also looking forward to travelling with you guys again! This blog is somewhat my way to also keep in touch with you guys….

    Junz…salamat sa comment…quitting your job isn’t the only way…trip2 lang kung baga….daw halus tanan sa atun tapus grad sa MM naglain na ubra/location/perspective…kami na lang ni Sid naulihi hehe….at least subong nakaabat na kami ni Sid sa inyu….God Bless din Junz!

  3. 🙂 I miss my life away from work mac… ahaha san o nman ta ni maka ebatchi man?? tsk tsk…. I’m trying to look for sideline para additional income… [para may budget pang exlore…. ahahaha

  4. haha! you were actually on my mind when I thought about travelling again….all we need is patience…we’re just starting….we must first secure some income generating projects because we can’t do away with those…amat2 lang mhar….kung gusto ta gid makwa ta gid na!

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