The place promised in our early days: The road to Siquijor

Siquijor has been very elusive for me. I’ved been itching to go there since September of 2011. Our frequent travels to Cebu should have been the opportunity for us to go but we never really had the chance possibly because we were not that familiar of Southern Cebu yet. And then December came. As we all know it’s the time of the year where employees have their mandatory one week leave from the office. I was determined to go alone if I had to. But the stormy weather stopped me from going there. I was scared then. And I was sick because of the frequent change in weather. The reasons for not going kept stocking up that I decided not to go.

Until it came the time that the urge was put to the backseat. And then May came. It was the usual Cebu visit. Stroll down the city and etc. We visited some friends there and then came on the spur of the moment, the urge to go to Siquijor. It was way stronger than it ever was a few months back. Again the exploration was set! “Eto na to!”

Fortunately my former Statistics professor urged us to climb Osmeña Peak because I told her that we went there three weeks ago (See previous blog entries ^_^). There it was! Everything in the universe was aligning itself for the fateful encounter. We rode the 4 AM bus from the city to Dalaguete and while on the bus I was lucky to talk to someone who was from Siquijor.  We rode a habal-habal to Mantalongon. Armed with the bread we bought in Dalaguete we made our obligatory visit to the Mantalongon Baranggay Hall.

Photo Credits to: Mhar Esmaña please do visit her blog (^_^)

Three weeks before…Mantalongon with JBLFMU friends and the nice baranggay tanods.  Yes we were a little bit drunk and hyper. “Lami tuba bay!”(I suck at bisaya hahaha!)


And three weeks after….here it goes again

And here are some pics of Osmeña Peak and with some folks in Mantalongon


This is what I love about un-itinerized travel….the spontaneity…and the muscle pains.  After Dalaguete, me and my three other friends as seen from the picture above left our separate ways.  And they left me all alone in Dalaguete, Cebu.  In the middle of noon.  So this was it I was really going to Siquijor!  All the excitement was invigorating and nerve racking.  Rode the bus to Santander, Liloan.

Boljoon Church. In my mind I was pleading the bus driver to slow down so I can take a good shot at it.  But this was all I got.

I am reminding myself to slow down next time and drop off to the places I wanted to see.  Boljoon and Oslob….Oslob! Butandings! They were just a stone’s throw from away from me! I can still remember the people riding in the pristine waves!  But I can’t do anything I was on a fast moving bus with little time on my hands.   Tunnel vision…nothing was supposed to be on the way….Siquijor!

Liloan, Santander Warf ride to Dumaguete for 37 PHP

The bus stopped at Sibulan and rode a boat to Dumaguete.

It wouldn’t be a visit to Dumaguete if we can’t visit Siliman University.

I decided to go to Siquijor the next morning so I just strolled around the city.

Eating fish ball at Rizal Boulevard.  Next time I’ll bring a better camera.  

Dumaguete Church

My room in OK Pension. The perks of travelling alone…you get to take your own photo.

I woke up late the next day but luckily the trip was 9 AM and had  some time in my hands.

The seats were enticing. I just had to eat at this place.

Dumaguete port to Siquijor

Not only that, there are also trips to Dapitan in here. I was tempted to go but the tunnel vision set in…Siquijor.


Just had to take a picture of this so that I wont forget.

Siquijor Port…ahhh…the blue blue sea…

Deep in those mountains…The Faith Healer’s Village

And now some pictures….




Due to time and budget constraints my trip there was limited.  I’ll definitely go back again. The people, the places, the water, and the faith healers all the more reason to go back again.

Now back to Dumaguete and the obligatory pasalubongs (sans rival).  ^_^


Now off to Bacolod via Aircon Bus!

The bus left around 3:30 PM and I was out of to Cell Phone Battery so I had to endure hearing full discographies of Celine Dion, Avril Lavigne, and the Backstreets Boys for SEVEN HOURS to Bacolod! Not only that I was hoping to catch the last trip back to Iloilo at around 5 PM but it was really too late.  So I decided to rambo it out and just take on what will happen.  I never imagined that the bus had to stop for the passengers to eat at a local eatery in Kabankalan.  Me being a noob traveler was amazed at how the people in the bus would just independently buy and eat their food and after that like students hearing a school bell we had to go back to the bus again. I wish I had taken some memories of that bus trip because the scenery was very beautiful (whether you like it or not).

And there it was Bacolod. It was almost 10 PM and I was creating simulations in my mind on what to do.  I was all ready thinking of where I’d sleep and had few money to afford even an inn/lodge.  I tried calling some of my friends but it was late in the evening and some of them were all ready asleep or can’t go out of their boarding houses. It was okay.  I didn’t panic.  I was excited to sleep at the pier or at a 24 hour restaurant.   Again fate smiled upon me when a local tricycle driver told me that the Roro to Dumangas was still available.  Yes!

Watching WWE in the Roro at 10 PM.  Fare – 80 PHP

The last trip was at 12 midnight so I had to wait for it while watching TV.  BTW I’m a Big WWE fan so it was no problem having to watch it till 12 AM.

Time: 2 AM,

Place: Dumangas, Iloilo

Now back to Iloilo.  But not before visiting some people early in the morning.


Metro Diner and JBLFMU-NOC…hehehe

I’m a noob in this solo travelling and blogging…eh…travelling and blogging in general but I was happy that I pushed through with the trip.  All I did was let my heart direct me to where I wanted to go (yes this is cheesy but I had to write this).  Sure it took a while to manifest the dream but it was worth the wait.  I’m taking this little trip as getting my toes wet in the ocean.  I don’t have that much life experience but maybe this travelling (solo or not) thing might be the education I need to do this.  Who knows?

Am I ready to jump for real next time? YES!

Will there be a next time? YES!

I don’t know how to swim but I’m confident that I’ll float this time.  Ready to let the water navigate me to where I should be.  With a hungry heart and an unwavering soul….so mote it be!


Is there anyone who would like to have me on their trips or would want to travel with me.  Anybody and everybody is welcome! Hehe…I don’t bite.

‘Di lang to trip…this is life!


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