never had a dream come true THIS QUICK!

Minutes after posting a new blog entry suntok sa buwan…walang basagan ng trip. Something REALLY COOL came!  Thanks to Cebu Pacific’s Piso Fare.  Got to have two tickets BOOKED AND PAID and THEY’RE ROUND TRIP TICKETS!

Hahahaha! This is crazy! This is going to be my first solo international trip not to mention my very first international trip too! This is crazy!

Needs to learn Japanese in a span of one year!

This is pretty funny, I was planning to go to Siam Reap, Cambodia on November 2013 but a friend of mine urged me to get tickets to Singapore (he was angry at me for not telling him about the Osaka Trip hahaha!). So this will be my second international trip a day after my Osaka Trip but this time my friend tags along with me.  This was supposed to be an eight day trip but was reduced to five because there were no more piso fare promo on the eight day so I’ll leave my friend on the fifth day…ehh…


Yes, traveling is possible in these places.  Yes, life is full of surprises. And this is one of them! This made me appreciate life more and made me realize that thoughts really turn into things (from the book “the Secret“).  With this in mind I became more humble and more aware of what I’m thinking everyday.

“If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought”

~ Peace Pilgrim

It’s been a long time since I quoted someone but I think this is the summary of this article.  The more we realize this, the more we should be aware.

I really appreciate what a very dear old friend told us,

“Walking on the razor’s edge is difficult if one doesn’t learn to humble himself….humility…humility…humility…be so small that you can walk on the razor’s edge freely and dance above it.”

somewhat like that but this really hits the spot.

Dreaming is really fun….but never mistake it for reality…I offer…make them into reality.

Hahaha! Zen mode there.

With a humble but fiery heart learning to tread this razor’s edge.  Learning to walk freely…learning to be so small….



7 thoughts on “never had a dream come true THIS QUICK!

  1. nan amo na yah… travel travel travel… hope next time I can travel with you guys… hehehehe ( lots of plan but no budget yet) 😦 but Im happy for you guys… bring us more photos… heheheeh

  2. for now I’m on the process of saving and procuring a passport which is not that hard to get(the passport that is)…hehe….
    i’m currently living in Iloilo…by my research you can get a Japanese Visa from the Japanese embassy and there are some accredited Travel and Tours Office that could process that….which are in Manila and Cebu….I opted for Panpacific Traves (in Cebu) because I often go to Cebu…currently just procured a Japanese Visa Application Form and the fee is 2,500 PHP to process.

  3. wala po akong sponsor sa Japan…siguro couch surfing ako dun kung papalarin
    salamat..salamat….I’ll update this everytime I complete a step in Japanese Visa Procurement

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