suntok sa buwan…walang basagan ng trip

One surprising habit of mine is simulating things in my head or in paper.  As a statistician (this was my College course), simulations are part of life, well in my book that is.  When I was in College I got into a habit of simulating my grades for a particular semester just for fun.  I’d put on the grades I want to have and about 80% got to be true.  It was my way of adjusting my grades into my whim haha! Usually it’s something like this, I’ll put on the grades I want for the subjects in a particular semester and then adjust them accordingly so that their average would be equal to or greater than 2.00 so that I’ll have time for DotA my favorite college past time. It just worked.  Hahaha!

So to bring back the habit once again I’ll be doing some listing of some random things that I want to do.  And I’m listing this before I get to sleep tonight.

1. Explore Basilan and Tawi tawi (before my birthday)

A few months ago I was hanging out with some monks from Cagayan de Oro and someone just mentioned to me that Mindanao is a very beautiful place and that I shouldn’t believe everything that the media is presenting to people. At first I thought it was dangerous. Now I’m just getting excited by the thought of it.

I’m planning to do this before my birthday and hopefully this will just be the start of a personal tradition.

Mt. Bongao in Tawi Tawi stole my heart and now I have to get it back.  I was inspired by other bloggers who went there like Sir Dong Ho and Ma’am Chyng Reyes, and also from Pinoy Adventurista. They were pretty gutsy and I admire them for that!

Mt. Bongao in Tawi Tawi

2. Stay in Japan for two months (preferably Kyoto…I’m a sucker for ancient stuffs)

Kyoto…it just got to be Kyoto. For now of course.  I’ll be in serious otaku mode when I get there.

Kinkakuji Temple…ahhh….Samurai X battle scenes are popping out!

3. Visit India and Nepal (Tibetan Buddhism at its uncorrupted form)

Not all sadhus there are real initiates. You should always keep a wary eye for scammers.  I read it somewhere in the net and some people.  BTW I’m Catholic….but Buddhism is cool.

A Sadhu (?)

4. Experience Dinagyang,Masskara,Sinulog and Ati Atihan in a kyosk selling stuffs or giving away free drinks, condoms, or whichever comes first.

I don’t have any hardcore experience in Dinagyang here in Iloilo but this will be my first time to experience it first hand. Other festivities mentioned are just gravy.

Credits to for the picture above.

5. Become a part time volunteer waiter for some restaurant/karinderya

I saw this anime entitled “Working!!” and was inspired to become a waiter.  Yeah, the things I think about.

6. Explore Vigan and Sagada

As I have said I’m a sucker for ancient stuffs.  Culture and History really gets me going.

7. Be in a band

This has been a college dream of mine that I wasn’t able to pursue because I was shy and not that confident.

8. Explore Siquijor again


9. Learn how to play the double stand up bass and Cello

Casey Abrams (American Idol) and Esperanza Spalding inspired me to learn these instruments. Now if only they were available in our locality.

An old photo of me! hahaha!

10.  Explore El Nido and Coron Palawan

Again…another paradise.

11. Learn to perform a cart wheel or a back flip or a moonsault

I am really serious about this. BTW a moonsault can be considered a top rope back flip splash. Ahhh…wrestling jargon!

12. Learn BaguaZhang

A monk mentioned this in Cebu a couple of months back. (Haha! I’m hanging out with monks now…I’m honored and humbled). I thought it looked stupid.  But it really isn’t.  “If you really want to stay healthy and live longer learn BaguaZhang”,he said.

13. Explore Northern Panay (Roxas, Antique, Aklan)

Being from Panay I haven’t got the opportunity to explore these places.  Guess I’ll have to make the opportunity then.

14. Travel anywhere for free

Leaving the cubicle really got my travelling feet go boing boing! So yeah!

In Conclusion

People who know me very well are aware that I mean it when I say it except when some really important things are needed to be given attention first.

I’ll be going back at this list again next year 2013.  Let’s see where this will get me.


4 thoughts on “suntok sa buwan…walang basagan ng trip

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  2. hahaha! sinusubukan ko muna ngayong mag headstand…kailangan ng matinding exercise sa part ko para maka cartwheel…mas cool kung backflip..hahaha! salamat naman at hindi ako nagiisa sa pangarap na ‘to!

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