Update Complete

The road has always and would always be full of lofty surprises.  Sometimes we fail to see what it teaches us.  We…mindlessly trot….ever forward to that goal up ahead. We’re used to this.

Time and space, become focal points of our existence.  Time bender, like a portable time machine.  Something that could get us back to the past to stop ourselves from doing the mistake that changed our lives. Maybe go to the future unaware of what lies ahead of it. We live in an era where everything is expected to happen in an instant, and thus the invention of the instant coffee.

Through and through we tread on the road along with everyone else sipping our cups of coffee.   Saying our his and hellos, and goodbyes every now and then.  Crying over them.  Sentimentality…this should have been a lovely word except it’s a mentality hence “Senti” and “Mentality”…a nostalgic state of mind.  We stop for a while and reminisce this.  Not saying that it’s bad but maybe it isn’t good either. It depends on the view of course.

The road is high and long.  Some choose to turbo it up. There are some who likes to take it slow.  There are some who just stops outright.  And yet there are some who are combinations of the three.  There are different reasons for each decision.  The more tangled up they are, the more they become complex.  Not saying that it’s hard but not easy either.  So which one is which?

Duality. Black and White.  The ultimate battle.  Which way should we lean?  Some would vote for the middle.  And there are those who really choose one.  In statistics they are Agree, Uncertain, or Disagree.  Usually the uncertains are not counted for.  The premise is that we must choose!  But what if we don’t want to?

Free will, has been tossed a lot these days.  Where your freedom starts is where mine ends. So where is it exactly? I’m not a fan of cold logic but sometimes we really need to explain things a little better for future knowledge to become fruitful.

Fruits, just as long as they are not bitter it’s ok to take a bite. Snow White, comes to mind. Some are poisonous but every once in a while we should play a game of Russian Roulette for excitement.  What’s exciting about that?

Mortality, almost everyone values their own lives.  He who values life will die and he who’s willing to lose it will gain it.  The bible has many lessons learned when read between the lines.  Funny people raise their hands to bless.  They shout blasphemy, heresy, and clemency.

Calamansi, sour…maybe a little sweet on the side.  Drink one in the morning.  Drink some more if you have the time.  It’s also fruity.  Juicy.

Did you see? Trip trip lang ‘to habang naghihintay matapos ang updates…Hahahaha! Huli kayo!

Kabayo…maganda sa Vigan…may Kalesa.

Galis, walang galis ang aso namin. Hindi siya kasi umaalis ng bakuran at nakikipaghalubilo sa ibang aso.

ASUS Intel Update Complete


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