what we can learn from travel bloggers

Recently I’ve been hooked reading travel blogs. And here are some things I noticed about travel bloggers.

1. They have focus

When they say they’ll go there, they really go there in one way or the other.  This is a very admirable trait to emulate.  Often our dreams are just pieces of dreams because we day dream and don’t do anything about it.  One pointedness or focus is very crucial for this to happen.  There may be sidetracks but it must not hinder our true goal.

2.  They think out of the box (e.g. creative)

You can see it in the design of their blogs, the way they write, the placement of every post, menu, widgets, and ads. It always leaves me in awe when I visit their sites.  The way they handle different situations are just very commendable.

3. They have Charisma/Magnetic Personality

Travelers, in this case travel bloggers, have that certain glow that emanates even from the computer screen.  You may put a traveler in a hoard of non-traveling people and you’ll notice that they stick out even though they dress like the locals.

4. They are Open-Minded

They look at things at an impersonal point of view without discrimination and labels.  Maybe that is why they have this charisma (see number 3) in them.  What you think and feel radiate to everything around you  When you approach everything from the perspective of a child, you’ll see the world as this awesome place.

5. They’ve been on both sides of the coin

Whether they are glammed up or nutty and gritty they know how to act accordingly. Like chameleons they blend in with the crowd if they have to or stand out even more all suited up when its needed.   They have encountered great joy and sorrow equally. And they have surmounted them admirably.

6. Their smiles are more genuine

What does this mean? There’s a feeling you get when one smiles just for the sake of smiling for the camera and one that smiles from the depths of their hearts.  Knowing both sides of the coin their experiences are rich.  No pretensions attached.

7. They are not afraid to face their fears

Whether it is sky diving, jumping off a cliff, or eating bugs you can safely say they have faced one if not a few of their fears.  Fear is a part of life that must be faced squarely.  Only those who have faced it knows that these are the teachers that shows us what we lack.  No frills, no drama…everything is illuminated when faced head on.

8.  They are open to learn new things

Web Design, Web Development, SEO, Photography, etc… With their one pointed focus they know exactly what they want to learn and are open to every skill that takes over their heart.

9.  They are eager to share their experiences and inspire others as well

Unclouded by biases, the traveler sees the true human nature in everyone.  Learning is experiential yet a fire is needed to ignite the spark of learning.  They want to show to others that there’s more to life than what people and the media tells us.

In conclusion

Though traveling may not be everyone’s cup of tea.  Still these travel bloggers inspire us to go forward and do what moves us.  In this era where everything that the past generations have founded are slowly reinvented.  These travel bloggers have redefined the definition of success.  May it be in an 8 to 5 cubicle job or some other job, just by emulating their attitudes would really help us succeed to whatever we would like to happen.  There are no age requirements, gender, preference, or educational attainment in success.   Success doesn’t mean monetary freedom.  Rather it is the feeling of freedom itself.

“Freedom (n.): To ask nothing. To expect nothing. To depend on nothing.”

~ Ayn Rand

I can never thank these people enough for their inspiration.

I’ll add more when I get the inspiration again.


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