:-) 3

Third Month!

1. Computer Games uninstalled

Yep! They ARE! Especially Warcraft. Wala nang pokemon!

2. Facebook becomes a bore

FINALLY! Now I usually use FB to communicate to some friends and online colleagues and also FB becomes my mobile bookmark thingy when I like a blog post and remind myself to read it and get inspired and educated…hehe

3. Everyday is like a Holiday and every holiday is like everyday

There are no holidays in my line of work but I don’t get to work in an office too! patas lang!

4. Mindanao (especially its southern parts )is very beautiful!


5. Problems become a source of comedy


Wala tayong pera papuntang Cebu….NYAHAHHAHA…WAHAHA…WAHAHAHA!

a few days/hours later



6. Opportunities come like ocean waves (naks)

A friend of mine always tells me…”be careful what you wish because you might just get it”….Yep…really got the things that I wished for and more….I can never be thankful enough…


Four days ago,I had the opportunity to become a volunteer waiter at a friend’s restaurant but I was too sleepy and tired to take that opportunity because I didn’t get enough sleep from work/study (online -Naruto Shipuden Marathon!)…SAYANG!

7. You get to see things from a bird’s eye view

Official tambay…

you get to see people walking in the streets with their well-pressed uniforms and leather bags ….not my cup of tea….

Things look different now …REALLY DIFFERENT!

You get to appreciate and become more tolerant of people.

You get to not judge people by how they dress or speak or what their work is you’re just impersonal you just talk to them and enjoy their company.

8. Got to almost get the right hang of home office work

Got to sleep early more often now.

My Home/Office Hours starts at 9 AM to 7 PM with two or three hours break including cooking and bath. (except if I’m tempted to write posts like this one)

Together with studying programming…yeah…this is the life I dreamed of three years ago…

No more frequent eyebags! YES!

9. Being a Vegan/vegetarian (:-P) has never been this easy!

Though I also eat meat like a pig kapag tinotopak ako( topak attack usually occurs on weekends) .  Still I managed eating organic fruits and vegetable (no rice….yep! no rice!)for one month now not including the topak attacks! hehe…will be learning to cook some vegetarian dishes from now on!

I’ll be slowly avoiding sweets now…hinay hinay lang!

10. “Eigoga wakarimasu ka?”

I expect myself to say this sentence a lot nine months from now!

If not then, “Watashiwa Nihongo ga tsukoshi wakarimasu” or “Watashiwa Nihongo ga wakarimasen”

HAHAHA trying hard pero EXCITED pa rin!

11. Been dreaming of mountains, beaches, and hidden villages

I’m addicted in reading Travel Blogs now…..


12. Haven’t used an ATM for two months now!


topak na kung topak pero trip ko ‘to sa ngayon! hehe!

13. Got to learn something new this month

How to activate 3G on my cellphone….

14. I got inspired by interacting with people who have paved a different path



There is an Ultimate Teacher but words are not be capable to say it…



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