Something quick

You may notice some new widgets on the side.  You may click on some of them and they bring you to a blank page. (fixed!) Well, to explain that.  Those are the destinations that I have scheduled to go with plane tickets and stuffs.  Some are just back logs that I haven’t finished writing yet (e.g. Cebu, Manila, and Cagayan de Oro).  These are just reminders of what I still have to do.

I expect myself to travel slowly, starting from November 2012  and then maybe go all out next year (2013) .  I’m doing this to prepare myself for my dream of becoming a Digital Nomad on 2014 hopefully.

I know I blab too much in this blog and doing nothing yet but  I hope that I can back it up in the coming months and years.   As of now I’m in the process of planning things out, just chilling and relaxing for a while.  Learning about blogging, writing, traveling, SEO, life, etc.

A lot of people have indirectly influenced me in this endeavor.  Success or not at least I tried doing something that I know I want to do.

Thanks for reading…whoever you are….thank you!


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