Part 1: Cagayan de Oro and we were never the same again

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things,” ~ Henry Miller
Boy, am I on a quoting spree these past few weeks.

Some moments before departure.

Iloilo Airport going to Cagayan de Oro

And of course Cagayan de Oro

We started Cagayan de Oro by splurging at Bigby’s, yes we were VERY HUNGRY!


Those were the only pictures that a friend of mine took because again we were so hungry that we forgot to take food pictures.

Then, we strolled around the plaza.




Sometimes we need a little bit of something familiar (e.g. SM City)

There are also cheap places to eat at Cagayan de Oro.  Try experiencing eating out at the “divisoria”,  food is cheap.  If remembered correctly the three of us spent 20 PHP each, two sticks of chorizo and two to three stacks of puso (rice).

We didn’t stay here.we just strolled around and attended a convention, yep that’s right.

Your eyes don't deceive you that's a cabbage at the center of the table.

The convention ended exactly 4 AM the next day.

We went back to our respective inns but weren’t ready to sleep yet.  Sleep wasn’t in the plan.  Because by 6 AM we would go White Water Rafting.

True to that we didn’t sleep the next day.

Cagayan de Oro is notorious for their White Water Rafting.



Whew, got hold of a video of this.  See below!

This is why I enjoy rafting, the drinking water is fresh! Those rock formations ooze (sorry I don’t know the term) fresh drinking water.

Mapawa Nature Park

The only publicly acceptable thing I did in Mapawa Nature Park.  BTW there are caged monkeys farther at the back. 
Real monkeys that is, they took a liking to our Pastel.


Some of us including me didn’t go through the River Trekking Mapawa is famous for since we lacked funds.  Next Time!

There’s a nearby waterfall that’s available there.  Too bad the photos taken from there are too *censored*.  I didn’t bring extra clothes but I really wanted to swim there so guess what I did.

Oh here’s one that’s wholesome.

Saying bye bye to Cagayan de Oro, 11PM Cagayan de Oro Port en route to Cebu.  We’re going to take a land trip back to Iloilo.  More on this on the next post.

Cagayan de Oro is somewhat an experience for me more than the place itself.  More than the White Water Rafting, and more than the Trekking.  Something changed inside us like BOOM! More on that next time!

Photo Credits to: Ma’am Genevive Parreño, Loiza Canlas, and Ma’am Rosemari Mallo


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