Episode 1: Chilling out before the splurge

It’s been a while or so I think.  Music has always been one of the many passions I have.  Some write ups were and will be inspired by music.  Like the one above.  No lyrics no frills just raw sound.  Like the melody is speaking to you itself.
There comes a time when something hits you right in the head and you realize things you took for granted.  For now I call it a quarter life crisis.  At last it exists! Like you’re stuck somewhere.  Friends, family, some random people on the street you come across.  You’re stuck at this point in your life where partying is ok and then transition into a marital affair at some point.  People expect you to behave in such a way that everyone else are.  Not that it’s bad but it’s gotten to a point where nobody really understands what you are.  It’s like when you reach a certain age it’s automatic for you to have this and that, get this get that, etc.

Figure 1. The Societal Pre-Programmed Paradigm

Birth -> Go to school and get a College Degree -> Have a job (preferably in the government) -> Get Post Graduate -> Get Married -> Kids -> Grand Kids -> Retire -> Spend Money to buy medicine -> Die

Way back when I was younger I used to conform to these standards.  I expected myself to do these things above when the time came.  But who was I kidding?  I’m still the ten year old kid that loves to eat ice cream, watch anime’s, play computer games, and just get lazy all year round but now minus the school work.  As I got older I realized the monotony of it all.  No this is not bad at all.  It’s just not me.  Not at all.

Not now, the travel bug has bitten me and “The Societal Pre-Programmed Paradigm” doesn’t offer a solution for this ailment. They say you can’t expect something different from something being done the same.  Maybe this needs another paradigm of some sort. Something crazy and non linear.

Figure 2.  Non linear paradigm

Birth -> Go to School/Home School/Study things that interest you -> Decide what you want to do and do it -> Get bored/Get curious -> Repeat Step 1
I like to call this the Phoenix Paradigm, a cycle of birth-rebirth and that of ultimate perfection (naks). But there is no end to this wtf? Yeah, yeah, no end.  We will eventually die so what’s the rush? Maybe save up some money for extending our lives somewhere or resort to cryogenics or cybernetics in the future.

This is not another lecture about living in the now.  I don’t even know how to do that properly.  We can tell ourselves to live in the now everyday but we can’t fool ourselves that once in a while we don’t.  Nobody can.  All I’m saying is that we should learn-unlearn-relearn things.  Empty cup and fill it then empty it again.  Experimental of some sort.

I’m not in the right authority to lecture about this and this is very impractical to follow.  But I’m happy that I got to share my own insights  and what’s going on in my mind.

“If I throw out my achievements, my failures, my successes, my relationships, my affiliations, my family and friends, my past, present and future, my material possessions, who am I?”

~ Flip Nomad

Forgot to mention what inspired me to do this.  I found this a few weeks ago from one of Sir Journeying James’ blog comments and the comment was from none other than Sir Flip Nomad himself.

It’s kind of a mantra for me.  This made me question everything else the society expects of us.  And I often times meditate on these words.  Throwing away all attachments or in this case being impersonal.  This is very difficult to do.  And surely you will be shunned by a majority of the society.  But it’s that freeing moment when you realize that everything around you doesn’t define who you really are.

I realized this years ago and I always ask myself “What now?”

The crazy soul inside me always says, “Let’s see where this goes! Gung ho! Banzai!”.

I, the body that hosts the crazy soul would reply, “OK!”.










Guimaras Balaan Bukid (Guimaras Holy Mountain)

Till next episode (naks!)


2 thoughts on “Episode 1: Chilling out before the splurge

    • hehehe tama ka naman po…middle path ika-nga…I enjoy writing things like this and looking back at what I wrote and the comments from people…it helps me learn more…

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