Episode 2: My so called past

“Matter cannot be created nor destroyed,”

~ Law of Conservation of Energy

I have always adhered to this law whether it be practical or impractical in the sense.

Got hold of this book a while back.  Also available in National Bookstores (Path to Power) if you’d like to have a copy too! Enjoyed reading it over and over because of the practicality and applicability of  the methods taught.

November 19 to December 27

Previous lives people belonging to this period resided in Saudi Arabia,  Lebanon, Libya, Turkey, Jordan, Israel, Iraq, Cyprus, Syria, Egypt, Yugoslavia, Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Spain, Sweden, The United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, South America, Bangkok, Japan, Singapore, or China.

~ an excerpt from the book, trust me there are more information revealed in this in the book kaya nga excerpt .

Just this morning while reading the book, I resolved to visit those places before I reach 33 and that’s about seven years from now! Hahaha! Remember when I said that I got hold of the habit of doing whatever comes first in my mind? This is one of it! I have so many places to go and these will add to it? YES! You know that surge of energy where your gut tells you to do it? Yes, this is it! Already got two of these down next year! And I’m looking forward to completing this!

I have a lot of to do lists posted in here but hahaha! who cares?

I know this is a crazy idea but I’d like to imagine myself retracing parts of my so called past lives in these countries.  I treat this as of now as a game.  Trip-trip lang kung baga.  And that’s a lot of places to visit!

I believe in reincarnation since the first it was introduced to me in our English class (yes! literature thank you very much Miss Legas!).  I was raised in a Catholic School but somehow the first time I learned about this concept something triggered inside me.
This was it.  Now what?

What I’m excited about is the idea that life is a school.  Our current bodies are our uniforms and our souls the one who wears the uniform.  Kind of crazy but I’m enjoying this flow of thought for now (walang basagan ng trip!). This is where I got the tag line for this blog.  “Life is a joke!” Seeing things from a different perspective now (brand new eyes!) it makes you think if everything that we were told since birth are the ultimate truths.  I have met some people who enjoy putting down their own quotes about how they understand life. Some believe and adhere to it and live it.  But in the end life is always full of surprises.  There will come the time that everything they have preconceived will be disproved.  (Haha! For those who got hurt with this I apologize in advance and all that mushy stuffs! ~Remember the Linkin Park song~ **cue x files background music**)

So here’s where traveling creeps in.  I travel because there is a need to destroy every preconceived idea about people, places, things,  and ideas.  Most of the time unnecessary war comes out of misunderstandings.  What if we bridge the gap between it?  No discrimination, or ideas of superiority among people. (**cue Louis Armstrong song**)

Again these are just my ideas.  I’m farting out words automatically (ghost writer naks!).

Maybe traveling really is discovering pieces left by your soul in some places here on Earth.  Reminiscing that you were really once there in another time, wearing a different uniform but still of the same essence. That sense of reverberation and that gut feeling deep in your that you know that place and you feel that you’re familiar with it in some way or the other.

Past, present, and future selves…it doesn’t matter.


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