Part 2: CDO, Cebu, Negros, and Iloilo ~ no more cubicles

We didn’t buy return tickets to Iloilo so we did our usual land-trip trip.

Chilling at 2GO bound for Cebu.

Some info about the book I’m holding.  The Spear of Destiny tells about Adolf Hitler’s rise to power using an artifact called the Spear of Destiny (XD) which was rumored to be the spear that pierced Jesus and would give its owner the power to conquer the world.  Yep, the books I read.  It’s cool but nah! The world is too small for my desires!

Four cities in a span of 24 hours! We almost rode on everything.


Ferry Boats


Taxis, Tricycles, Pedicabs,


Rubber Rafts,


all except a Motorcycle (though five days later I find myself riding one to Osmeña Peak). 

Cebu was always Cebu.  I never get sick of being in this place.  This is my second home!

Figure 1. The Plan: Cebu -> Toledo -> San Carlos, Negros-> Bacolod -> Dumangas

Credits to for the picture above


At Toledo port going to San Carlos, Negros

San Carlos, Negros Port

The scenic view en route Bacolod


Late night eating at Milagrosa Shipping Lines going to Iloilo (RORO ~ I appreciate former PGMA for this!)

After this trip our lives (well I’ll be talking about mine) drastically changed.

1. A friend of mine was accepted as a monk in a monastery.  I felt somewhat devastated as it was someone who I looked up to and was one of the people who really inspired me to travel and explore.   A very dear and close friend indeed. It was like a part of me was removed.  I’m very happy for my friend actually. This was one of my friend’s dreams and it has come true!

“Wondering and wandering we went…now on separate yet similar roads…HAHA! CHEERS TO THAT!”

2. A day after this I joined our annual JBLFMU-tour on-board Palawan.

3. After the Palawan Tour, me and a few colleagues of mine explored Southern Cebu.  Specifically Osmeña Peak.

4.Three days later I went to Guimaras with some colleagues in the morning. In the afternoon, I met up with another set of friends headed for Montpelier.

5. When I got back at the office after all the trips I decided to quit my job.

6. Five days after I quit my job I went back to Cebu and from there explored Osmeña Peak (again), Dumaguete and Siquijor.

7. Fast forward five months after. I met new people and learned a lot from them.  Most of them are travelers.  And a month from now I’ll be on the road again.  Not that I could escape or anything it’s more of an urge to explore or an urge to scratch the itch.  This time I’ll take everything slow.  Chill bai!

8. To the future…it’s really a blessing that I have the opportunity to slowly actualize my dreams. And everyday I thank God for this!


With a Humble and Thankful Heart may I be guided not on my whims but with divine love (naks)!

No cubicles for me for now!


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