I’m in the posting mood today

Facebook has been run amock with selfies, and quotes and the dreaded selfie and quote tandem.  To be honest I also do that.  I find it fun and I feel wise too.  I love ice cream so much that I eat one almost everyday.  You see selfies and quotes are like ice cream.  The look is the selfie and the quote is the taste or should we say the after taste.  Yes it looks good and fuzzy.  And then it tastes good and then you get the after taste.  That dry feeling on your throat.  That bloated feeling.  That inexplicable absence of desire.  You promise yourself to no more ice cream.  No more selfies with quotes.  And then the next hour you’re at it again.  Sometimes a selfie and sometimes just a quote.  You can’t just take a look at an ice cream.  And you can’t just lick anything to get the after taste.  It becomes redundant and empty.  Like my selfie on what I thought to be Petronas Tower.

This is not the Petronas Tower...damn where is it again?

This is not the Petronas Tower…damn where is it again?

This is another moment where you realize your thoughts govern your perception or something like it.  It was two shining buildings!  I should’ve done more research (ehhmmmm I should’ve researched point blank!).

This is an example of a selfie with a quote.  You see it looks good and then tastes good.  And then the after taste leaves you bleh!  Maybe next time we should post selfies with factual data added to it like.

This one!

This one!

See it’s a selfie but it promotes a website.  It’s like an advertisement now! It made me look like a model (hahahaha!).


I still would post selfies with quotes.  Its fun, it’s the in thing, it’s….just kidding I’ll post more selfies with advertisements now.




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