That exciting feeling

In the blazing heat of the sun, I walked to the store to buy some cellphone load.  Suddenly like a gust of wind my consciousness began to scramble.  It was like woah! I immediately sat on the pavement and leaned my head on the wall.  I was just a stone’s throw away from my house.  But it felt like a big mountain to climb.  I told myself I’ved been through worse and it’s only a couple of steps until I get to our gate.  In loopy steps I made my dash.  And like a drunkard I sat on the chair demanding to turn on the electric fan.  My heart was pounding.  My head was spinning.  And I was hungry.  My mother immediately took the sphygmomanometer and tried to get my blood pressure.  A lol moment was when she didn’t know how to.  I took over and then it read 130/100.  I shrugged it off but still the same result.  I was rushed to the hospital with my head spinning around.  My mother was hell bent on admitting me to the hospital.  And as we were riding the motorcycle I felt excited.  A few weeks ago a neighbour also felt similar symptoms and then he died while being rushed to the hospital.  I thought I was about to suffer the same fate.  And I was so excited to experience it of all the things to think about.  They say your whole life will flash back at you at your end.  Mine didn’t.  And as I was sleeping on the hospital bed I remembered to call a few friends of mine.  We were having a seminar in the afternoon and there I was at the hospital bed calling them.  Even they didn’t know how to feel.  One would say pity, then annoyance, and then pity again, and then get annoyed again.  It was those surreal moments when words aren’t enough to describe your situation.  And then something dawned into me.  Life was too short to chase things that are fleeting.  So I decided to do things that will make me happy.  It wasn’t that hard really.  I didn’t want to sleep at the hospital for two days.  Medical Tests were done to me and then I was prescribed to drink Chocolait and Coke.  The hell that just happened.  And yes it was real.  I didn’t need to be hospitalized.  I didn’t need any medication.  And thank the heavens for Ice Cream and Mountain Dew! So all those thoughts that were going into my head were all a play.  Those realizations in the hospital bed.  Those phone calls.  In the end I was just hungry.

Two things I learned from this experience:

1. When you decide to be happy, life gives you ice cream.

2. New experiences makes you a story teller however mundane they are.

Yes, those life backtracks were a bit too much.  But still, it made me think of when it will actually happen what would I feel?  Would I still feel excited about it? It’s like graduation.  It will actually happen after years in school.  Then when it happens it feels like you’re at the gateway between your past and to something unfamiliar.  It’s an exciting feeling!

A few hours after we left the hospital, I felt the sense of “joke”.  I got the best medication given to me (chocolate and coke wtf it’s heaven!) and to top all that I had one of the most exciting experience without resorting to mountain climbing and spend a lot of money or something.  And it all happened in my head!


This photo was taken two years ago. Thinking of ice cream maybe.


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