Rubber Time and Myanmar

Time is linear as what we have been taught.  Time is money.  You can’t get back the time spent on something that should have been spent on doing better things and all that drama.

And then there’s this concept of “Rubber Time”.  In Bali, Indonesia they call this jam karet.  The Balinese just go with the flow and are very easy going.  To most people I know, this would be very nerve racking. Einstein had a comparison to this concept.  He said that if you’re with your crush, time seems to quicken.  But if you’re with someone whom you don’t like it seems like forever.

I had experiences that three seconds seems to be a very long time. (Hint: If you’re a DoTA or LoL player you also feel this. Stun -> Blast -> Slow -> Ulti)

I spent a week in Myanmar to attend a Forum.  The week felt like months and years for me.  Especially because the people whom I was with were all treating me like family.  It was as if we have been friends for a very long time but in truth we just met each other.

It was one of those moments where you feel that time stretched so far.  It was that or maybe it was the fact that I’m in another time zone.  But whatever it was I really enjoyed the camaraderie and friendship that was there.



More than just photos to remember those moments.  Memories that seemed only yesterday has gone by.  If time is consciousness, would it mean that there is no time at all?  We still have watches. We still have deadlines.  We still have to beat the clock to somewhere to achieve something before this imaginary race stops.  What is it? Or maybe it’s all in our heads.  I don’t know.

I have been staring at the sky while in front of my window as I write this and ponder.

If enjoyment means watching the sun rise and fall.  Will I also feel the same when I stare at a pig?  At a pile of mud? The clock still ticks and that’s all there is to it.  Usually I don’t get to track time that much now that I don’t know the difference between the days of the week or the difference of Wednesday and Saturday for example.

Myanmar for me is the land of golden memories.  In the middle of the dark you still see those memories so vividly shining.  Or maybe “nabitin” lang ako?  Still I have to thank all the people whom I shared those memories there.  Thank you very much!  I won’t mention all your names here but you’re all the reason why my Facebook Home Page became International.  To visit Facebook and see different languages  and beliefs in one home page makes me realise that no matter what culture we have, we still have the same concerns and dreams.  There was this one guy whom I met the first day that treated me to beer and their own version of stewed vegetables in one of the restaurant there.  I didn’t get to repay him back but hopefully I can when I get back there.

So where does rubber time go with this?  I theorise that the concept of time fades away when you’re enjoying yourself alone or sharing moments with others.  Artists and people who are concentrating on what they’re doing know this very well.

What about you? What makes you forget about time?


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