Chopin and Powerbombs

Imaginary Friend:Since when did you start playing Chopin?
Alvin: Just an hour ago.

naks lumu-“Lucy”

I have ADHD hands. My hands are almost never idle and if they do they put on wrestling matches. My favorite moves are DDTs (jumping, spike, leg-trap, cradle, brain busters, regular), Neckbreakers (spinning, regular and hangman’s), Reverse Slam, Moonsaults, Splash, Samoan Drops, Leg Drops, Variations of Hurricarana (regular, elevated), Head Scissors Take Downs, Kicking Variations (super kicks, bicycle kicks, spinning wheel kicks, drop kicks, missile drop kicks, leg lariats), Facebuster (chicken wing, sit-out, kneeling), Sit-out Powerbombs, Kudo Drivers, Pile Drivers that still looked like Power Bombs (tombstone),and Sunset Flips.

This is why I developed a love for computers. These hands would have a field day in just typing things like these. I developed addiction because of these hands. The very nostalgic Super Mario Brothers, Street Fighter, to Ragnarok Online, DoTA, and League of Legends. You know these hands are always itching to press or hold something. Errr….that sounded so wrong.

Before the advent of PCs, I would play with action figures from Dragonball Z and Street Fighter. I’d put on a mash up between them and recreate scenes from Ghost Fighter (lol…wut?). I wanted to be a director for anime as a kid. Coming up with names and moves for different characters became a pass time.

Then in my first year of high school, I developed a fascination for music thanks to Ms. Unica now Mrs. Elpusan. She showed us a model of a piano and the corresponding notes for the keys. I’d memorize the piano keys and draw them on long bond papers and practice in secrecy. Of course no sound was coming out of them. Just what I needed.

The next three years were of me being shy, awkward, and doing the robot dance albeit unintentionally. Mother bought me a guitar in the summer of 2002 and I would practice it for hours like a madman. I never left it out of my sight. I’d play along with songs from the radio and saved allowance just to buy a 50 PHP Songbook each month.

College came and my fascination for music became stronger. Doing well in school unintentionally pushed Mother to buy an electronic piano. So the dream of playing the piano became a reality. Again I’d practice like a madman. I had to remember how to read notes based on Mrs. Elpusan’s diagram and Ms. Olbe’s sharps (Go-Down-And-Eat-Big-Fish-Carlos) and flats (Fat-Boys-Eat Apples-During-Good-Climate), and the accidentals. It was a very interesting experience in learning everything by yourself.

From there I began playing Moonlight Sonata and Fur Elise because…ehhh…they seem to be really high class and stuffs. Then later began playing Evanescence songs because I find their music really relaxing and romantic to play on the piano.

Figure 1. Intro of Good Enough by Evanescence

Figure 2. Fur Elise

Fast forward to Typhoon Frank. The piano was destroyed. No big deal. But in the back of my head every time I watch people on youtube playing the piano you can’t help but play along with your hands.

Fast forward again seven years later. I bought one and started playing it. It still would consume most of my time as I had to get familiar with it again and it is very addicting. There were some songs that I played in the past that just naturally came out. So yay for muscle memory or that other thing I don’t know.

Anyway, why Chopin? Chopin’s Nocturne in C#minor is one of the most haunting pieces I have ever heard. It could break your heart after five measures. That’s how big of an impact it has on me. Of course the keys in the piano now can’t play the whole song but it doesn’t matter.

Anyway, why Lucy? Lucy from the movie Lucy. They say humans only use 10% of their brain. Lucy started writing Chinese an hour after she got back at her friend’s house.

Am I similar to Lucy? Heck, no! Well not yet anyway….lolz…

Why am I writing this? It’s because what Lucy did is possible. You don’t need to get kidnapped by a Gang and have some drugs put inside your stomach and transport them to a place and then suddenly through an accident the drugs started leaking inside your stomach. If it is all that then we just have to take that drug and then we’ll become geniuses. That doesn’t work that way.

Everything comes from grit and the ability to concentrate on things you love doing. It took hours and days of constant practice to be good at something. But that’s just my opinion.

Figure 3. Chopin well sort of…

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